LMM GROUP provides world-class quality mill rolls designed for your specific applications.

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LMM Group has always been committed to providing customers with the best products and services, all products are sent to customers after strict quality inspection. In terms of roll production, our company is equipped with advanced production equipment (casting equipment, heat treatment equipment, processing equipment) and testing equipment, as well as a complete production system and digital system, efficient and high-quality production while ensuring that the products can meet the needs of precision requirements, and quality requirements of our customers. 

Inspection of mill rolls

Mill Rolls Eccentricity And Out-of-roundness Detection

Mill Rolls R angle inspection, size inspection, UT flaw detection

Mill Rolls Chemical Composition Detection

Magnetic Particle Inspection Of Mill Rolls

Ultrasonic Inspection Of Rolling Mill Rolls

Production of mill rolls

Finising process

Grinding of mill rolls

Rough machining of large backup roll

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We provide world-class quality mill rolls  designed for your specific applications.