Understand hot rolled channel steel and cold rolled channel steel

According to the different production processes, channel steel can be divided into hot-rolled channel steel and cold-rolled channel steel. Although the two are produced in the same shape, the difference is still very large.

1 Production process

1 Hot-rolled channel steel is continuously produced on the production line above the recrystallization temperature without changing the structural properties of the metal.
2 Cold-rolled channel steel is the opposite of hot-rolled channel steel, which is produced under discontinuous production below the recrystallization temperature. The round steel is pierced at high temperature and then cold drawn on a tube drawing machine. In the untempered state, such processing will affect the crystal structure of the metal.

2. Appearance quality

The surface of hot-rolled channel steel is prone to scale, and the surface is rough. The cold-rolled channel steel is superior to the hot-rolled channel steel in terms of surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

3 product ingredients

Cold-rolled steels are all low-carbon steels because they have low carbon content and good plasticity, so they can be cold-rolled. Because the production process of hot-rolled channel steel is different from that of cold-rolled channel steel, the requirements for carbon content are relatively lower.

4 other aspects

Hot-rolled channel steel has low strength, but good plasticity and weldability, so it is more commonly used in daily life. The strength of cold-pressed channel steel is great, but its plasticity and weldability are poor.

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