Types Of Rolls Used In Rolling Mills 2

1. Classification of pressed metal types

Rolling steel products are called black rolls.

Rolling non-ferrous metal materials (copper, aluminum, etc.) products are called non-ferrous rolls.

2. According to the temperature of the rolled material when it is rolled

The rolling temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature of the rolled material is called hot rolling, and the corresponding roll is called hot rolling.

The rolling temperature lower than the recrystallization temperature of the rolled material is called cold rolling, and the corresponding roll is called cold rolling.

3. Classification according to the shape of rolled products

The hot-rolled strip products are called hot strip rolls, and so on, there are cold strip rolls, sheet steel rolls, section steel rolls, seamless steel pipe rolls, bar and wire rolls, etc.

4. Classification according to the function or location of the rolling mill on the rolling line

The ones used in the blooming mill are called blooming rolls, and so on, there are rough rolling rolls, intermediate rolling rolls, pre-finishing rolls, finishing rolls, finishing pre-rolls, back-end rolls, cross-cut smoothing rolls, slitting smoothing rolls, slitting rolls, vertical rolls, edge rolls, piercing rolls, tube rolling rolls, de-piping rolls, tension reducing rolls, straightening rolls, etc.

5. Classification according to the position of the roll on the rolling mill

The rolls that are in direct contact with the rolled material are called work rolls.

The rolls that support the rolling mill are called backup rolls, and the rolls that are farthest from the work rolls in a multi-roll mill are called backup rolls.

In a multi-roll mill, the rolls between the work rolls and the backup rolls are called intermediate rolls.

6. Classification by the blank manufacturing method

Integral roll (also called conventional casting roll)

Lamination rolls (flush lamination, centrifugal lamination, CPC lamination, jet deposition lamination, etc.). in:
The roll manufactured by the full-flush composite method of flushing the overflowing liquid metal from the core is called a full-flush roll;

Only the liquid metal in the core of the roll body is flushed to the upper roll neck, which is called a semi-flushing roll;
The composite roll manufactured by the centrifugal composite casting method is called centrifugal composite roll;
Composite rolls manufactured by CPC (Continuous Composite Casting) method are called CPC composite rolls.

Mechanical combination roll

Rolls manufactured by mechanical combinations are called combined rolls.

A roll made by mechanical combination and applying a certain pressure in the axial direction is called a prestressed roll.

7. According to the size of the roller body

Rolls are divided into large rolls and small rolls according to the size of the roll body.

Cast steel rolls – those with a diameter of the roll body ≤ 500mm are called small steel rolls

Cast iron rolls – those with a diameter of the roll body ≤540mm are called small iron rolls

Forged steel rolls – those with roll body diameter ≤ 300mm are called small chill rolls

Roll ring – net weight ≤ 1 ton, maximum diameter ≤ 1150mm is called casting small roll ring

8. Classification by roll material

According to the classification of materials, the rolls are divided into four categories: cast steel rolls, cast iron rolls, forged steel rolls, and powder metallurgy rolls. The most common classifications are shown in the table:

CategoryMaterial NameRoll AbbreviationMain Alloying ElementsCommon Production Methods
Cast Iron RollChilled Cast IronChilled RollChromium-molybdenum Series
Nickel-chromium-molybdenum Series
Static Casting
Ductile Semi-chilled Cast IronDuctile Semi Roll
Infinity Chilled Cast IronInfinity Chilled Rolls
Ductile Infinite Chilled Cast IronDuctile Infinite Roll
Ferritic Ductile IronFerritic Ductile Iron RollNickel, Chromium, MolybdenumStatic or Centrifugal Compounding
Pearlitic Ductile IronPearlitic Ductile Iron RollNickel, Chromium, MolybdenumStatic or Centrifugal Compounding
Needle Ductile IronNeedle Ductile Iron RollNickel, MolybdenumStatic or Centrifugal Compounding
High Nickel-Chromium Infinite Chilled Cast IronHigh Nickel-Chromium RollNickel, Chromium, MolybdenumCentrifugal Compounding
High Chromium Chilled Cast IronHigh Chromium Iron RollChromium=10, 13, 17, >20Centrifugal Compounding
Cast Steel RollAlloy Cast SteelAlloy Cast Steel RollChromium molybdenum, chromium manganese molybdenum, chromium nickel molybdenumStatic Casting
Special Alloy Cast SteelSpecial Alloy Cast Steel RollChromium Nickel Manganese Molybdenum
Semi-steelAdamite RollChromium Nickel Molybdenum, High Carbon
Graphite SteelGraphite Steel RollHigh Carbon And High Silicon
High Chromium SteelHigh Chromium Steel RollHigh ChromiumCentrifugal Compounding
Semi High Speed SteelSemi High Speed Steel RollChromium Nickel, High Molybdenum, High Vanadium And High TungstenCentrifugal Compounding
High-speed SteelHigh-speed Steel RollChromium-nickel, High Molybdenum, High Vanadium And High TungstenCentrifugal Compounding
Forged Steel RollAlloy Forged SteelForged Steel Hot RollChromium-manganese-molybdenum Series, Chromium-nickel-molybdenum SeriesGeneral Smelting
Ladle Refining
Chromium Series Forged SteelForged Steel Cold RollChromium 2, 3, 5, 8, >10Ladle Refining
Electroslag Remelting
Ladle Refining + Electroslag Remelting
Forged Semi High Speed SteelForged Semi High Speed Steel RollNickel, High Chromium, High Molybdenum, High Vanadium
Powder Metallurgy RollCarbideCarbide RollTungsten SeriesMechanical Assembly
Metal Matrix CeramicsCeramic RollCubic Boron Nitride

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