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Test And Inspection Equipments

Final Inspection Process:

Dimensional Report

Chemical Analysis

Physical Properties

Ultrasonic Report

Hardness Report


Test And Inspection Equipments

LMM GROUP establishes the perfect quality monitoring and inspection system, covering the full process from raw materials to the finished rolls. With the high-quality technicians and the advanced inspection and test equipments at home LMM GROUP adopts the way to collect information and process feedback through computer for full process.

LMM GROUP has the raw material analysis centre, quick analysis centre and physical test centre to control the process quality and performance of rolls and satisfy with all quality test and inspection demand of users on products. Furthermore LMM GROUP provides the modern advanced measures for performance and quality control and technical research and development of rolls .

The quick analysis centre is equipped with the Leco CS230 carbon–sulfur analyzer made in USA, LecoTCH-600 hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer made in USA, Q8 direct-reading spectrometer made by Bruker Germany and the OBOB GS1000 direct-reading spectrometer made in Germany and etc..

The physical test centre is equipped with the universal material testers, impact test machines, Brinell & Rockwell hardness meter imported from England,MNV-2T metallurgical phase microscope made by SHIMADZU Japan, Leica DM250OM front-view metallurgical phase microscope and DM6000M metallographic image analyzer made in Germany,thermal dilatometer made by SHIMADZU Japan, JSM-6150A scanning electron microscope made in Japan, KK USD12 ultrasonic flaw detector made in Germany and etc.

The raw material analysis centre is equipped with the chemical analysis lab, moldings and tester, molding sand hardness meter, coating tester and etc.

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