Strip Steel Defects Caused By Pickling

1. Strip defects caused by under-pickling
Minor defects: slight, like a pattern

Moderate: A distinct band with an area < 1/10 of the total area

Severe: obvious band, its area is < 1/5 of the total area

2. Strip defects caused by over-pickling

Slight: the surface is slightly dark

Moderate: The dark color on the surface is obvious, the dark color distribution is banded, and the dark color area is less than 1/10 of the total area

Severe: the surface dark color is more obvious, the dark color area < total area 1 < 5

3. Defect: Parking spot

Minor: parking time <10min, the surface is slightly yellow

Moderate: 10min≦parking time<20min, with obvious macular on the surface

Serious: parking time ≧20min, the entire board is black

4. Edge Crack

Minor: edge crack length < 1℅

Medium: edge crack length < 5℅

Severe: edge crack length <10℅

5. Defects: Wrinkles

Slight: <10mm long from the edge, slightly rough to the touch

Medium: <15mm long from the edge, rough to the touch

Serious: <20mm long from the edge, rough to the touch

6. Strip defects caused by scratches

Slight: discontinuous, <50mm, thinner than a pencil lead, no roughness
Medium: discontinuous, >50mm, thicker than a pencil lead, ≤1/4 thickness tolerance with slight rough touch

Serious: continuous or bundled, thicker than a pencil lead, depth ≤ 1/2 thickness tolerance

7. Foreign body pressing

Minor defects: small, non-rough-feeling defects

Moderate defects: very shallow, small grains

Serious defects: deep, intermittent

8. Defect: Porosity

Minor: depth < 1/10 plate thickness

Medium: depth < 1/8 plate thickness

Severe: depth < 1/5 plate thickness

9. Defect: Iron oxide scale pressed in

Slight: no feeling to touch, extremely small size

Medium: Slightly rough to the touch, light, and can be worn off

Severe: The touch has obvious roughness, and deepening, and it is not easy to wear off

10. Strip defects caused by surface inclusions

Minor defects: particle size, only visible by careful observation

Medium defect: the impurity particles are larger and more obvious, and the distribution area on the board surface is less than 1/10 of the total area

Serious defects: obvious continuous band distribution, area < 1/5 of the total area

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