Shougang 2160mm finishing vertical roll transformation project was put into operation smoothly

Recently, Shougang Qian’an 2160mm hot tandem rolling production line added a renovation project for finishing vertical rolls. The one-time thermal load test was successful, and the equipment ran stably after being put into production.
This project is an important part of Shougang’s 2160mm hot rolling production line equipment technology upgrade and product quality improvement plan. The original production line was in charge of the technical chief of SMS company and was put into production in 2006. Today, the process and equipment configuration cannot meet the higher requirements of the current market for product edge and surface quality. The renovation content mainly includes the addition of finishing vertical rolls and the new hydraulic clamshell type fine descaling machine.

Since the finishing and descaling machine of the original production line is adjacent to the finishing F1 rolling mill, there is no reserved space for the position of the finishing vertical rolls, which brings great challenges to this upgrade. Dalian Engineering Technology Hot Rolling Equipment Design and Research Institute has established a team of party members and model workers, guided by customer needs, and has conducted in-depth on-site investigations and research many times. Individual retrofit system solutions. At the same time, the newly added finishing vertical roll also adopts advanced technologies such as high-strength integral frame design and Neiman worm drive, which effectively improves the reliability of the equipment and will play an important role in improving the quality of users’ products in the future. This is the first time in China to upgrade the newly added finishing vertical rolls for the wide-width strip hot tandem mill above 2000mm.

In recent years, China First Heavy Industries has kept a close eye on market information, based on market demand, and deeply explored projects in the field of hot rolling line upgrades. From project feasibility studies to program studies and detailed design, China First Heavy Industries Group’s project team strives to provide users with the best systematic solutions. Program. While guaranteeing the single champion in the field of hot rolling, China First Heavy Industries has strengthened its technological leadership and has developed a new type of finishing mill work roll bending and traversing device technology, finishing vertical roll extension technology, and intelligent proprietary technical achievements that meet the market demand points, such as the railed sliding contact wire type steel coil transportation line technology.

The success of the Shougang Qian’an 2160mm hot rolling production line project not only promotes the progress of CFHI’s hot rolling equipment technology but also enhances China CFHI’s ability to provide system solutions in the field of hot rolling upgrades.

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