Safety Operation Rules For Replacing Backup Roll


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1. Before changing the backup roll, the power supply of the host machine and all the surrounding auxiliary rotating equipment must be cut off, and the master command should be operated to return to the zero position. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the roller table and push the bed without the power off.

2. When changing rolls, there must be special personnel to command and operate. The operator must obey the command of the commander, ring the bell for one minute before starting the roll-changing equipment, and then start the equipment after confirming that it is safe.

3. Carefully check all wire ropes before changing the backup roll. It is forbidden to use wire ropes with broken strands. Wear armbands when commanding cranes.

4. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the track in front of the push-pull cylinder.

5. When the support roller is raised and lowered, it must be confirmed that no one is working around the lower support roller before it can be raised and lowered by jogging.

6. When pulling down the support roller and lifting it up and down, it must be confirmed that the clamping plate at the shaft end is fully opened, so as to prevent the bolt from breaking and hurting people.

7. Before the upper backup roll returns, it must be confirmed that there is no one around the upper backup roller and the water-cutting plate before commanding the operation.

8. Before pulling the full set of support rollers, it is necessary to confirm whether the water cutting board is open, whether all the clamping plates are open, and if there is no one around so that the jogging can be commanded to pull out.

9. When commanding the crane to disassemble and install the hoisting pin of the support roller, the command gesture must be clear to avoid the wire rope from breaking and hurting people.

10. When cleaning foreign matter on the support roller ladder pad carriage and track, a safety guardian must be provided to prevent foreign matter from crossing the operation and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the hydraulic cylinder to prevent the cylinder from falling and hurting people.

11. It is strictly forbidden to stand directly under the Cardan shaft and the flat head to prevent accidents caused by the failure of the clamping device.

12. It is strictly forbidden to stand around the Cardan shaft balance device to prevent accidents.

13. Before installing the support roller, it must be confirmed whether there are people working in the track, carriage, and archway, and then the roller can be moved by clicking.

14. Before the upper support roller is balanced, it must be confirmed that there is no one on the water-cutting board before commanding the operation.


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