tungsten carbide rolls

Cemented carbide roll rings (also known as tungsten carbide roll ring) possesses good thermal conduction property. Compared with other materials, it is much better in terms of heat-resistance, wear-resistance and strength. What’s more, its hardness reduces a little under the condition of high temperature. So, the cemented carbide roll rings is invented with the appearance of high speed wire rod mill. With the development and improvement, it is widely applied in the production of high-speed wire, bar and deformed steel bar.

Dimensions and precision of finished carbide roll rings

tungsten carbide rolls

Dimension range of finished rolls

Tungsten Carbide Rolls

External diameter (mm)

lnner diameter (mm)

height (mm)




Tolerances allowable for the O.D.,I and height of roll rings:

Tungsten Carbide Rolls

precision class

External diameter≤200mm

External diameter>200mm






Out diameter





Special requirements

lnner diameter











The allowable deviation of carbide roll rings:

Radial runout of groove ≤0.013mm

Radial runout of periphery≤0.013mm

End face runout≤0.02mm

End face planeness≤0.01mm

End face parallelism≤0.01 mm

Inner hole cylindericity ≤0.01mm

Roughness of carbide rolls:

inner hole roughness 0.4μm

periphery roughness 0.8 μm

end face roughness 0.4μm

Roll rings for high speed rolling of ribbed steel bars

Composite Cemented Carbide Roll Rings

KOCKS Cemented Carbide Roll Rings

KOCKS Cemented Carbide Roll Rings for KOCKS three-roll mill to replace the original ball-milling of cast iron roll ring are mainly used for the production of bearing steel, spring steel alloy steel and other special steel.  The steel surface and tolerance controls are clearly better than using other cast iron roll ring and wear-resistant is good, the life of cemented carbide  roll ring is 10 times longer than a cast iron roll ring.

Three dimensional carbide rolls for cold rolling of ribbed steel bars

The steel reinforcement rolled by three dimensional carbide rolls has fine appearance surface high precision in dimension and clear ribbed mark. Those improved the comprehensive properties Of ribbed steel reinforcements. The primary rolling tonnage are 600-2000tons. which is 20-30 times more than that of common tool steel rolls. Because cemented carbide rolls can be reground and used again. the production cost is reduced greatly. That markedly improved productive efficiency and profit.

Cemented Carbide Composite Roll

The cemented carbide composite rolls mainly used on the finishing mil for bar, deformed steel bar and common wire. In this way, we can greatly reduce the frequency of changing groove and roll, thus to reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. The surface quality and yield shall be improved to a maximum degree, which leads to a remarkable economic benefit.

Our cemented carbide composite roll adopts a special grade of cemented carbide. By means of hydraulic lock nut, the cemented carbide roll rings is fastened to the axle with the axial pressure of 2OOMpa from hydraulic oil. Under the protection of prestress, the cemented carbide composite roll shall work more effectively.

Tungsten Carbide Rolls

carbide roller

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