carbide rolls

Cemented carbide roll rings (also known as tungsten carbide roll ring) possesses good thermal conduction property.

Features of carbide roller

Great Performance

Compared with other materials, it is much better in terms of heat-resistance, wear-resistance and strength.

high speed wire rod mill

What's more, its hardness reduces a little under the condition of high temperature. So, the cemented carbide roll rings is invented with the appearance of high speed wire rod mill.

Widely Used

With the development and improvement, it is widely applied in the production of high-speed wire, bar and deformed steel bar.

At present, the finishing mill is generally composed of 8-10 stands. Because of the big size of fracture surface of rolled part, the collar on the front stands of finishing mill may resist heavy duty and strong impact. Thus, the high hardness and good thermal fatigue resistance are the primary factors, which are prior to wear resistance. While there is low load and impact for the rear stands, we shall pay more attention to the wear-resistance and thermal fatigue resistance of roll rings.

tungsten carbide rolls

Dimensions and precision of finished carbide roll rings

Carbide Rolls

External diameter (mm)

lnner diameter (mm)

height (mm)




Tolerances allowable for the O.D.,I and height of roll rings:

Carbide Rolls

precision classExternal diameter≤200mm
Out diameter±0.02±0.05
lnner diameter0.020.035
 External diameter>200mm
Out diameter±0.03±0.05
lnner diameter0.0250.05
 Special requirements

The allowable deviation of carbide roll rings:

Radial runout of groove ≤0.013mm

Radial runout of periphery≤0.013mm

End face runout≤0.02mm

End face planeness≤0.01mm

End face parallelism≤0.01 mm

Inner hole cylindericity ≤0.01mm

Roughness of carbide rolls:

inner hole roughness 0.4μm

periphery roughness 0.8 μm

end face roughness 0.4μm

carbide roller

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