SG Iron Rolls

SG Iron Rolls

NiCrMo Indifinite Chilled SG Cast Iron Rolls (Ⅰ)

1. Chemical Analysis

C: 3.00-3.40,

Si: 1.40-1.90,


Ni: 0.50-1.00

Cr: 0.20-0.06

Mo: 0.20-0.60

Mg: ≧ 0.4

2. Physical Properties

Barrel hardness(HSD): 55-70,

Neck hardness(HSD): 35-55,

Tensile strength(Mpa): >320

3. Microstructure

Pearlite+ cementite+ small Graphite

4. Application

Profiles, rods, wire and narrow strip mill thick, in the rolling mill stand

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