mill rolls

Forged rolling mill rolls for cold-rolling sheet mills

Rolling mill rolls for production of steel, tin, aluminum, steel plate and copper in Tandem, Temper, Skin Pass and eversible mills.

  • Standard diameters between 300mm and 950mm
  • Maximum weight 15t
  • Hardening options:
    1. Progressive low frequency induction
    2. Conventional, by total heating of barrel and pressured water quenching
    3. Sub-zero treatment down to -120 deg. C
  • 5%, 3.0% and 5.0% Cr steel alloys
  • Surface hardness 90/100 shore C
  • Hardness penetration to 90mm (diameter)

Forged steel back-up rolls


For hot and cold strip mills.

Main features:-

Barrel diameter to 1700mm

Maximum weight 60t

Quenching system: Flash heating and water,

or spray, cooling

3% and 5% Cr steel alloys

Surface hardness: 55/70 shore C

Forged rolls for hot rolling of aluminum and copper

As for cold rolling. Hardness range 60/80 shore C

Forged rolls for hot rolling of engineering steels

Maximum diameter: 1700mm CrMo and CrNiMo steels

Hardening: conventional

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