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HSS ROlls,Metallographic structure

Metallographic structure of HSS rolls and rolls of other materials

Compared with traditional ductile iron rolls and high-nickel-chromium rolls, high-speed steel rolls have higher steel passing per groove (times) due to their good wear resistance, which saves roll changing time, improves rolling mill operation rate, reduces roll consumption, and reduces production. cost, and improve the overall efficiency of the factory. 

It can be seen from the metallographic photos that the metallographic structure of the high-speed steel roll is much better than other materials in terms of the shape, quantity, size and distribution of carbides, as well as the matrix structure and grain size.

Unique advantages of the HSS rolls

Forged rolls

Forged rolling mill rolls for cold-rolling sheet mills, hot rolling of aluminum and copper, hot rolling of engineering steels, forged steel back-up rolls(For hot/ cold strip mills).

Adamite Rolls

Materials, mechanical properties, and carbon content stands between steel and iron. Owing to it’s elements such as Ni. Cr. Mo etc. There are carbide in the matrix.

Graphite Steel Rolls

They have excellent cracking resistance and anti-cold fatigue crack, wear resistance and hardness drop small, which is the same as the adamite steel roll.

Centrifugal Casting Iron Rolls

Body has a higher surface hardness.At the same time the core has a higher intensity by separate nodulizing, which can effective ensure that the rolled surface finish.

Alloy cast steel rolls

High tensile strength, excellent resistance to fire crack, high wearability and toughness.Medium stands roll for section mills, working rolls of rougher and backup rolls of hot strip mill.

Tungsten Carbide Rolls

Possesse good thermal conduction properties and is much better in heat resistance, wear resistance, and strength. What's more, its hardness reduces a little under high temperatures.

Cast Iron Rolls

Through heat treatment process, the roll has high strength. A combination of excellent wear-resistant and of cracking resistance performance can effectively improve the life of rolls

Aluminum Mill Rolls

Aluminum Mill Roll has properties of high accuracy, high hardness, which created specially for aluminum foil and plate in different material and specifications by breaking through key technology.

Sendzimir Mill Rolls

The material of Sendzimir work roll is tool steel, die steel and high-speed steel(high hardness material) .The rolls are manufactured under quenching and tempering processes of high temperature .

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