Introduction of Endless Rolling Process

Endless rolling: An uninterrupted rolling method in which the length of the rolling stock can be extended indefinitely within one roll change cycle. During endless rolling, the continuous casting machine is used to continuously supply the billet to extend the billet indefinitely. Endless rolling was proposed as early as the mid-1940s. Later, patents on the method and equipment of endless rolling were successively formed in Germany, Britain, and France. In 1948, the Soviet Union began to study this new rolling method and in the middle and late 1970s realized the first endless rolling process under industrial conditions in the world. China also carried out research on endless rolling in the mid-to-late 1960s and achieved results.

Application: Endless rolling method is mainly used in the continuous rolling production of profiles, wire rods, bars, and strips. Our company’s products are installed and used in the installation and use of complete sets of rods and wires:

Endless rolling,rolling mill

The advantages are: (1) The coil weight of the wire rod and the output of the rolling mill can be greatly improved. Since the dynamic deceleration caused by the bite of each rolling piece at the moment of each stand is eliminated, the continuous rolling process is stable and the tension fluctuation is reduced, thus creating conditions for further increasing the rolling speed; due to the elimination of two adjacent rolling pieces In addition to the roll change and maintenance, the continuous rolling time can reach several days and nights, the operation rate of the rolling mill can reach more than 90%, and the production capacity can be increased by 10% to 12%; The disc weight can be adjusted arbitrarily with flying shears as required;

rolling mill, endless roll

(2) Eliminate the excessive section size and intermediate rolling waste caused by stacking steel during biting, and greatly reduce the metal consumption of the cutting head and cutting tail, so that the metal yield is increased by more than 3%, and the product quality is also improved. improve. When the billet is continuously supplied by the end-to-end butt welding method, the weld quality is good, and the performance indicators are basically consistent with the base metal;

endless rolling, rolling mill

(3) The frequent impact of the head and tail of the rolling stock with lower temperature on the roll and the guide device is reduced, and the wear of the roll is reduced, which is beneficial to the smooth operation of the rolling mill and its transmission device;
(4) In the fully continuous cold rolling production line of strip steel that realizes continuous pickling, dynamic rolling, continuous annealing, and finishing, conditions are created for the production of high-quality, low-consumption, multi-specification strips (see Cold Rolling Production Line). Rolled strip production);
(5) Continuous and stable rolling create favorable conditions for automatic control of the entire production process. The molten steel is solidified in the crystallizer through the intermediate tank, and the billet is pulled out by the drawing roller, and then sent to the induction heating furnace. strip. There are flying shears and looper storages in the rolling area for coiling shearing, accident shearing, and adjusting the speed of continuous casting and continuous rolling. The key to endless rolling with continuous billet supply from a continuous caster lies in the balance of steelmaking and rolling production capacity, elimination of unit failures, and improvement of operating rate. It is necessary to ensure the continuous flow of steel and to dispose of the remaining molten steel during roll change and temporary failure of the rolling mill. Therefore, a relatively reliable intermediate buffer adjustment link and corresponding technical measures are required.

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