High-speed steel rolls
HSS rolls generally have a single-groove (time) steel passing 3 to 5 times that of cast iron rolls, and the total steel passing can be guaranteed to exceed 4 times on average.

The development of new materials and new processes has a huge impact on the design and use of modern rolling mills and rolls.More and more outdated equipment has has stopped running.

To maximize the production efficiency of rolling mills, new generation roll materials such as high-speed steel rolls are increasingly used by modern rolling mills.

High-speed steel has high wear resistance and hardenability, especially red hardness at high temperatures, which makes high-speed steel more suitable for roll manufacturing materials.

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At present, high-speed steel roll series products are widely used in:

● High-speed bar pre-finishing stand, finished product stand, finished product pre-rolling stand, pre-slicing stand, slitting stand of bar rolling mill

● High-speed wire rod mill pre-finishing mill

● Hot rolling narrow and medium wide steel rolling mill finishing mill

● Finishing stand of spring flat steel mill and small section steel mills such as angle steel and channel steel

Unique advantages of the HSS rolls

Metallographic structure of HSS rolls and rolls of other materials

HSS ROlls,Metallographic structure

The performance of rolls depends on the microstructure of the final roll. Obtaining high-hardness granular carbide and fine matrix structure is the basic guarantee to improving roll performance.

It can be seen from the metallographic photos that the metallographic structure of the high-speed steel roll is much better than other materials in terms of the shape, quantity, size and distribution of carbides, as well as the matrix structure and grain size.


Our company has been focusing on the research of HSS rolls and HSS roll rings since 2007, is one of the earliest and largest enterprises specializing in the production of high-speed steel series products in China.


weˊve been concentrated on the development and innovation of the production process and materials of them, and have obtained a number of HSS roll and HSS roll ring patents.


The HSS rolls and roll rings produced by our company have been widely used in more than 300 rolling production lines in almost all large steel mills in China (Zhongtian Iron and Steel, Shagang Group, Hegang Group, etc.), and are exported to dozens of countries on five continents.


advanced equipment

The company now has more than 100 sets of intermediate frequency furnaces, centrifuges, heat treatment furnaces, and CNC machining equipment.

high yield

In 2014, the annual production capacity was expanded to 15,000 tons. In 2020, the output of HSS rolls and roll ring series products exceeded 10,000 tons.


At present, the company's products have covered: HSS rolls, reinforced HSS rolls, high-strength HSS rolls, super-strength HSS rolls, split HSS rolls, KOCKS roll rings, double high-bar roll rings, high-speed wire pre-finishing rolls Rings and pinch roller rings and other series.

Equipment Capability

rolling mill

Apply Effects Of HSS Rolls

High-speed steel rolls have higher steel passing per groove (times) due to their good wear resistance, which saves roll changing time, improves rolling mill operation rate, reduces roll consumption, and improve the overall efficiency of the factory. Generally, the amount of steel passing in a single groove (times) is 3 to 5 times that of cast iron rolls. 

The following table shows the use effect of high-speed steel rolls on continuous bar rolling mills:

Hss rolls use effect

Usage Report Of HSS Rolls

Usage Report Of HSS Rolls

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