Technical operating procedures for finishing rolling adjustment process


finishing mill

1. The finishing mill is a key part of the high-speed line workshop, and the technical requirements are clearly distinguished from other mills, and a high degree of vigilance is always maintained;
2. Adjusters should first prepare special tools such as calipers and sample bars required by the finishing mill, and be familiar with various operating requirements;
3. When the adjuster pre-adjusts the imported rolling guides for each sortie, first insert the sample rod between the guide wheels, so that the two rollers can be easily rotated until the tightness is normal;
4. Before starting up, the guides of each flight must be checked, and if there is a serious looseness and wear, adjust and fasten them in time until they are replaced;
5. The principle of starting the machine before starting the rolling should be to boil the water first and then start the machine. At the same time, check the water flow of the water pipe of the trough and the tightness of the fishing line, and close the cover before rolling;
6. Adjusters must be familiar with the rolling program table, and master the relevant red billet size and roll gap parameters, so as to adjust correctly and ensure the stacking relationship of the finishing mill;
7. Pay attention to the changes in water pressure and oil pressure under normal rolling to ensure the normal operation of the finishing mill equipment.
8. After installation, the import and export guides must ensure that the rolling line is consistent, the import and export should not be in contact with the rolls and the gap should not be too large;
9. Finishing rolling adjusters should check the hot metal detectors, detection devices, lifting devices, and other equipment before and after the finishing mill to keep them in normal working condition;
10. Always keep working contact with the main operator, keep abreast of the operation of 2# flying shears, breaking shears, and other auxiliary equipment, and solve problems in time;
11. After changing the variety and changing the roll diameter, you should communicate with the main operator in time, so as to adjust the rolling mill speed and the speed of the pinch roll and laying machine in time, so that the coil can pass through the core rod smoothly;
12. During normal rolling, pay attention to observe the extension of the incoming material in front of the card amount and the amount of the side looper, often keep in touch with the intermediate rolling adjuster, adjust the shape of the material correctly, and ensure the rolling speed of the intermediate rolling and pre-finishing rolling;
13. Always observe the speed of finishing rolling and feeding rolls, the change of blessing, and the change of water penetration pressure and flow, to ensure that the temperature of the finished product is controlled within the range of process requirements;
14. The adjuster must ensure the quality of the finished product and roll it according to the national standard.
15. Pay close attention to the front and rear lights and various gestures between workers, and deal with various problems in time.
16. In order to ensure the quality of the finished products, we must do: one observation, two calorie quantities, and three adjustment principles to ensure that the finished products are consistent.
17. When there is a steel stacking failure after the finished hole, the water should be penetrated.
18. Ensure that the finished product outlet and the running groove, the water piercer, and the lead running groove are on the same rolling line and horizontal line;
19. When changing the varieties and specifications, adjust the water penetration lead pipe and the gap of the pinch roller accordingly to ensure smooth rolling;
20. It is strictly forbidden to roll without water, rolling low-temperature steel and black head steel;
21. The post workers in the finishing rolling area regularly observe the changes in the caliper data, and report the problems to the relevant department personnel in time to ensure the accuracy of the finished product size;
22. Strictly implement the technical operating procedures.

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