High Speed ​​Steel Roll Processing

After the hardness of the roll is increased, the processing difficulty of the roll will increase accordingly. For the pass processing of the high speed steel roll of the wire and bar rolling mill, especially the rolling of the rebar, when it is repeatedly used for cutting, due to the intermittent cutting, Its processing is difficult, so as long as a reasonable processing tool and cutting amount are selected, the high-speed steel rolls can exert their superior working performance on online and bar rolling mills.

CNC lathes are required for hole processing, domestic brands prefer “Anyang Ruiheng”, and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools can be used for turning tools. For the rolling of rebar, the horizontal rib on the K1 roll mill should be milled by a flying cutter milling machine. The domestic brands prefer “Nantong Jingyu” and “Nantong Weixing”, and the milling cutters are best produced by Sandvik, Sweden. Yes, the tool with the grade of ASH6F can also use carbide milling cutters such as K01 or YD05, or YT1.

The cutting amount of the high speed steel roll, if it is to process the outer circle of the flat roll, the turning speed should be about 10m/min, the feed depth should be 1~2mm, and the cutting amount should be 0.2~0.5mm. For repeated turning, the speed should be about 5m/min, and the depth of feed should be 0.1~0.2mm.

In short, for high speed steel rolls, whether it is turning holes or milling thread grooves, the difficulty is greater than that of ordinary rolls. When suitable tools are selected, and the habit and processing skills of the rolls are mastered through a proficient process, the processing time can be shortened. When high-speed steel rolls are used in normal batches, the number of turning and milling rolls (the number of times of upper and lower lathes) is greatly reduced compared with the number of ordinary rolls, which can win considerable time for loading and unloading lathes. The time for the number of millings to be reduced.


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