Handan Iron and Steel Large-scale Rolling Plant Mastered Heavy Rail NDT Failure Maintenance Technology by itself, shortening maintenance time by 80%

HBIS Group Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has a large-scale rolling mill section steel line, and the NDT testing center has a mature NDT ultrasonic online testing system. defect. Previously, during the inspection of the heavy rail sample rail, the NDT ultrasonic inspection function occasionally appeared abnormal, resulting in the inability to display the inspection data. Since the detection system is imported equipment, it can only be returned to the factory for maintenance after failure. Each maintenance not only consumes costs, but also takes a long time to repair, which affects the detection accuracy and detection efficiency of heavy rails.

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The factory gave full play to the advantages of the employee innovation studio platform, and Kang Ruiquan took the lead in organizing the members of the studio to set up a research team, determined to use technical means to solve the problem. “By checking the network connection status of the entire system, we initially judged that one of the NDT flaw detection modules was faulty and could not send and feedback signals normally, resulting in the inability to display the detection data.” Kang Ruiquan said.
Kang Ruiquan led the members of the research team to disassemble the NDT ultrasonic flaw detection module. By reading the memory chip of the core control board and comparing the normal module data, the cause of the failure was finally found: it turned out that the memory chip was damaged, resulting in part of the stored data. lost.

After finding the cause, the research team immediately repaired the memory chip of the core control board and restored the stored data. In the process of installing the memory chip, the research team redesigned the circuit schematic diagram, produced new components for welding and assembly, and solved the problem of abnormal operation of some circuits on the hot-swap interface board of the core control board.
Subsequently, the research team passed the online test, and the results showed that the data of NDT ultrasonic flaw detection returned to normal, shortened the maintenance time by 80%, greatly saved the maintenance cost, and ensured the high-quality and efficient fulfillment of the heavy rail contract.

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