Characteristics and application of 20 hi cold rolling mill

The 20 hi cold rolling mill is suitable for rolling high-strength alloy steel strips, stainless steel strips, silicon steel strips, and ultra-thin high-precision steel strips. Compared with the four-high and six-high rolling mills and the 20-high rolling mills with traditional rack-type direct pressing, the twenty-high cold rolling mill has the following salient features:

1. The overall casting frame of the 20-hi cold rolling mill has high rigidity, and the rolling force acts radially on each section of the frame.

2. The diameter of the work roll is small, and the reduction rate of each pass and the total reduction rate are large.

3. Tower-shaped roll system, multi-pivot beam support roll structure, large rolling mill steel, small roll warping deformation, good shape, and high precision of rolled products.

4. The rolling mill is small in size and light in weight, and the mass of the rolling mill is about half of that of other types of rolling mills of the same specification.

5. The high manufacturing precision of the 20 hi cold rolling mill and the manufacturing precision of the 8 plum-shaped through holes on the frame are the key difficulties in manufacturing.


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