Causes and Preventive Measures of Mill Roll Burning Bearings

1. Check whether the sealing effect of the bearing is good. In general, the phenomenon of water entering the bearing will occur. If the amount of water entering is too much, the amount of lubricating oil inside will decrease, which will cause the friction in the bearing to increase, resulting in the burning of the bearing.

Preventive and corrective measures:

According to the actual use of the bearing, check the degree of water leakage of the bearing, regularly lubricate the roller bearing, check the bearing every day, pay attention to the movement of the bearing, and immediately carry out maintenance if any abnormality is found. Add lubricating oil to the roller bearing once to ensure the normal operation inside the bearing.

2. The bearing sleeve and bearing are worn too much in the force-bearing part, not on a force-bearing surface or falling off small pieces, etc., causing uneven force during the operation of the bearing, resulting in burning of the bearing.

Preventive and corrective measures:

The bearing and bearing sleeve should be inspected after each use, and the service cycle of the bearing should be recorded. The bearing and bearing sleeve should be replaced; the bearing should be replaced in time after a certain period of use.

3. Due to the deformation of the bearing seat, the uneven force on the bearing causes the bearing to burn.

Preventive and corrective measures:

During the installation of the roll on the machine, do not knock the bearing seat in place. Be sure to use a jack to push the bearing seat in place to prevent the bearing seat from being deformed by beating and causing uneven bearing force.

4. The first time the bearing is burned, the bearing is cooled immediately after high temperature, causing it to be injured. In the next use process, the bearing will be burned and the roller will be broken.

Preventive and corrective measures:

When the bearing burns during the rolling process, stop the machine immediately, let the roll cool down naturally, and repair the burnt part to ensure normal operation in the next use. Do not cool the rolls with water to ensure that the rolls are not damaged again.

5. The swing of the universal shaft is too large, and the shafts are separated, causing the instantaneous twisting force on the bearing to be too large, causing the bearing to burn, and the roller will be broken in severe cases.

Preventive and corrective measures:

Check and check whether the use of the Cardan shaft meets the requirements. If the swing is too large, take immediate measures to debug it to ensure that the bearing does not bear too much twisting force.

6. There is a problem with the quality of the bearing sleeve itself, which cannot meet the use or the bearing position of the roll and the size of the bearing sleeve used exceeds the standard, which does not meet the requirements for use.

Preventive and corrective measures:

Bearings with better quality should be used to ensure that the bearings can meet the needs of use; check the bearing position of the rolls and the size of the bearing sleeves. Rolls and bearing sleeves that exceed the standard size cannot be used. Small or large sizes will cause the bearing to burn during the rolling process. Or the bearing sleeve burst accidentally.

7. The bearing position of the roller is not cleaned when the bearing sleeve is installed, and there are foreign objects in it, causing uneven force or insufficient or uneven heating temperature control when installing and removing the bearing sleeve, causing the bearing to be injured, resulting burning bearing phenomenon occurs in the use process.

Preventive and corrective measures:

During the installation of the bearing, the roller must be cleaned without foreign matter. The heating of the bearing sleeve must be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements, and the temperature control must be in place and uniform.
(It is best to use oil heating or heater heating)

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