Baking steel and rolling mills: small technical changes can also create big benefits

In corporate innovation activities, small reforms and small reforms are more and more widely used. Through practice, it is found that small reforms and small reforms can create an atmosphere of innovation, activate innovation systems, and improve innovation capabilities. Often “small reforms” can create “big effects”. . Therefore, iron and steel enterprises usually take small […]

The Story of China and Stainless Steel Foil

Have you ever seen stainless steel thinner than 1/4 of A4 paper? This stainless steel product looks like tin foil and can be gently torn by hand and is called “hand-tear steel”. Its thickness is only 0.02 mm, and it is widely used in high-precision cutting-edge equipment manufacturing industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, precision […]

Handan Iron and Steel Large-scale Rolling Plant Mastered Heavy Rail NDT Failure Maintenance Technology by itself, shortening maintenance time by 80%

rolling mill

HBIS Group Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has a large-scale rolling mill section steel line, and the NDT testing center has a mature NDT ultrasonic online testing system. defect. Previously, during the inspection of the heavy rail sample rail, the NDT ultrasonic inspection function occasionally appeared abnormal, resulting in the inability to display the […]

Successfully passed the process and equipment acceptance for the project of “direct rolling of multi-rolling lines with heating-free twin-casting machines”

Traditional process: Qualified molten steel smelted by steelmaking converter → cast into a billet by continuous casting machine → secondary heating in the heating furnace of rolling mill → rolled into steel by the rolling mill. Direct rolling process: the billet is poured by the continuous casting machine → directly into the rolling mill → […]

Shougang 2160mm finishing vertical roll transformation project was put into operation smoothly

hot tandem rolling

Recently, Shougang Qian’an 2160mm hot tandem rolling production line added a renovation project for finishing vertical rolls. The one-time thermal load test was successful, and the equipment ran stably after being put into production. This project is an important part of Shougang’s 2160mm hot rolling production line equipment technology upgrade and product quality improvement plan. […]

Chinese SS400 HRC prices rise in Vietnam market

Vietnam’s import market for commercial-grade hot rolled coil has rebounded. Buyers acceded to higher prices after Chinese steel futures picked up. Deals for 3-12mm thickness SS400 HRC struck at $580-590/tonne CFR Vietnam after bottoming out at $550/t CFR at the end of the week through 22 July. The $550/t CFR could have been a trader’s […]