Baking steel and rolling mills: small technical changes can also create big benefits

In corporate innovation activities, small reforms and small reforms are more and more widely used. Through practice, it is found that small reforms and small reforms can create an atmosphere of innovation, activate innovation systems, and improve innovation capabilities. Often “small reforms” can create “big effects”. . Therefore, iron and steel enterprises usually take small reforms and small reforms as a key content to implement and promote.

1. Roller transformation spacing

The roller table has a wide spacing and a small diameter in front of a medium plate rolling mill in a rolling mill. During the daily production of the billet, the impact on the roller table causes frequent breakage of the roller table. In view of the above situation, the machine repair section has studied the transformation plan and made it by itself. The drawings of the roller bearing seat were surveyed and mapped, and the front rollers were encrypted after processing in the machine repair factory. A free roller was added between every two rollers to reduce the breakage of the rollers in front of the machine. From August and September every month The reduction of 10 pieces is now 1-2 pieces per month. It takes about 20 minutes to replace the front roller table of each machine, which can save 180 minutes per month and increase the output by about 290 tons.

2. Abnormal improvement of string rollers

The phenomenon of rolling rolls has existed for a long time in a medium plate rolling mill. The most serious situation is from March to September 2021. Basically every month, there will be production errors caused by the rolling mill’s rolling stop and replacement of work rolls, which has seriously affected the company. production rhythm and product quality. Since October last year, a medium plate assembly section has gradually improved and adjusted the dimensions of the rolling mill balance block, work roll chock, and rolling mill window slide plate through each maintenance. improvement, thereby improving production rhythm and product quality.

3. Grinding machine repairs the old and recycles the waste

A small grinding machine in a medium plate assembly workshop has not been put into use for more than 3 years due to failure, and the work roll and support roll of the leveler have been replaced for a long time. In July this year, the assembly workshop and the electric repair automation team carried out special maintenance and cleaning on the small grinder circuit and grinder body, which made the small grinder look brand new. Before mid-November, the repair and grinding of the work rolls and support rolls of the first and second stages of the leveling machine were completed successively, which effectively ensured the assembly of the leveling machine rolls by the machine repair and reduced the cost of external repairs. Preliminary calculations show that the repair and reuse of the small grinder can save about 360,000 yuan in the external repair cost of the leveler every year.

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