How to reduce rolling costs in the steel rolling industry?

high-speed steel rolls in strip mills

The roll is the main component of the rolling mill and the most important consumable spare part in the steel rolling production process. It is not only related to the rolling cost and rolling mill operation rate but also directly affects the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the rolled material. How can we effectively […]

How to improve the efficiency of HSS roll processing?

With the development of CNC machining technology, CNC roll lathes have gradually become popular and used in roll manufacturers and steel mills due to their high processing accuracy, stable quality, and strong processing capabilities. However, due to factors such as CNC programming technology, tool material, and worker operating level, the processing efficiency of profile steel […]

Effective ways to reduce roll consumption in hot-rolled strip production

reduce roll consumption, hot rolled strip

1. Overview   The roller is in direct contact with the strip and is an important tool in hot rolling production. Reducing roller energy consumption can effectively reduce production costs and increase efficiency. It can also effectively improve rolling mill operation rates and ensure the surface quality of hot-rolled products. In the production of hot-rolled […]

Formation and control of heat treatment cracks in high-speed steel rolls

Abstract: This article studies the causes of cracks during the heat treatment of centrifugally cast high-speed steel rolls and proposes specific solutions. By applying the improved process to heat treat high-speed steel rolls, the roll crack rate has been reduced by more than 90%, significantly improving the roll production qualification rate. Cast high-speed steel rolls […]

Application of high-speed steel rolls in finishing stand of bar mill

Abstract: This article introduces the problems, experiences and effects of using high-speed steel rolls in the finished product rack of the bar factory of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Echeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The main improvement is to increase the diameter of the cooling elbow and increase the number of nozzles, and after […]

Reasons for fracture of high-speed steel rolls during heat treatment

1. Fracture analysis For centrifugally cast high-speed steel composite rolls whose outer layer material is high-speed steel and whose core material is ductile iron, the roll body sometimes breaks during the heat treatment process. There are two types of fractures, one is a fracture with a straight core and a tapered outer layer; the other […]

Production practice of controlling bonding layer quality of high-speed steel rolls

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of rolling product requirements, the performance requirements for roll materials are getting higher and higher. The performance of a single metal often cannot meet the needs of production, and bimetallic composite materials have been increasingly widely used because they have the advantages of both metal materials. Many […]

Application of high-speed steel rolls in narrow strip steel production

1. Introduction The 620mm strip production line of Laigang Yinshan Section Steel Co., Ltd.’s plate and strip factory has 12 flat roller mills and 4 vertical roller mills, adopting a fully continuous layout. The vertical roller RE0 and the flat roller R0 form a billet rolling unit; the vertical roller RE1 and RE2 and the […]