Analysis of the Causes of the Collapse of the Roll Wedge Tip

Roll material: nickel-chromium-molybdenum infinite chilled centrifugal composite III

Roller body specification: ¢350*600mm

Types of rolled products: ¢14mm rebar

Rack used: K5 (pre-sliced rack)

Objection form description: Two-section rolling is adopted, and the first cycle is used. During the rolling process, the wedge tip collapses, as shown in the figure.

mill rolls, Collapse

Cause Analysis:

1. Due to the new use of split rolling, the process is not mature, the cooling effect is not good and the cutting amount is too large during the rolling process, and the force on the wedge tip increases, causing the wedge tip to collapse.

2. The rolls used on the splitting and pre-slicing stands have higher requirements. The performance of this material fails to meet the conditions of splitting and rolling, resulting in collapse.

Preventive corrective measures:

1. Strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the new process, collect the corresponding data for analysis, make reasonable modifications to the unreasonable parameters, and make the process mature.

2. Replace the rolls with better performance to make them meet the requirements of use.

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