Analysis and Treatment of Common Accidents in Pre-finishing Rolling

Head stack steel:

①Incorrect setting of rolling speed and roll diameter (correctly set rolling speed, roll diameter and tension).

②Because the size of the shelf does not meet the requirements (too wide or too high), it is stuck in the entrance guide (the treatment measure is to measure the material type, adjust the roll gap frequently, and the adjustment method is “secondary ellipse and first circle”).

③ There are foreign objects in the head, inclusions or guides (the treatment method is to check the raw materials and guides carefully before passing the steel).

④The looper has not fallen or the looper is taken up too early (the treatment measure is to find out whether the electrical delay is appropriate).

⑤ The large opening of the guides and guards will cause the steel to fall or the guides to be damaged (the treatment measures are “check the guides frequently, observe the material shape frequently, and measure the size frequently”).

The intermediate pile of steel:

① Excessive tension in rough and medium rolling and tail flicking cause the rolled piece to break (adjust the material type and control the tension).

② The guides are broken, sticking to steel, and scraping the iron sheet (the treatment measures are to replace the guides in time or in advance).

③Automatic shutdown of the lubrication system failure (the treatment measure is to check the lubrication system).

④The looper automatically falls off (the treatment measure is to find the electrical cause).

⑤The rolling mill automatically increases or decreases the speed.


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